Bringing arts and culture to the Interlake

Board of Directors

At the helm and heart of the centre is a very active and dedicated volunteer board of directors. The 2018-19  board members and part-time paid executive assistant are:

Lana Knor – President

Lori Cook – Vice-President

Christine Tronrud – Treasurer

Laura Neault – Secretary

Jennifer Chartrand – Director

Verna Poole – Director

Kim Skinner – Director

Kendra Sigurdson – Director

Niki Strick – Director

Louise Regnier

Colleen Howelko – Executive Assistant

Stacey Bursey – Events Coordinator 


The talents and passions of our much loved team of instructors are essential to the high-quality programming offered at the centre. The 2018 – 19 GAAC Instructors are:

Adult Art – Graham Clarke

Graham is enjoying a career as a respected professional artist spanning fifty years and well-known as a leading pioneer of innovating art education initiatives across Manitoba. His Pre-Cambrian Shield inspired works have for several decades graced the walls of numerous fine art gallaries including Mayberry Fine Art and the Winnipeg Art Gallery and have also found their home n many prestigious private and corporate collections.  He has been sharing his gift as a teacher since the early beginnings of his art career.  His attentive and deeply grounded one -on-one teaching style creates a unique and deeply nourishing learning environment for beginners to advanced to grow, express and mature as artists.

Dance with Ms. Alycia and Miss Elena

We are thrilled to welcome Ms. Alycia Campbell as our dance instructor! Alycia has been dancing since the age of three and has been an instructor for fifteen years, offering high quality dance, age appropriate choreography and solid technique for all ages and skill levels.

We are also excited to welcome back Miss Elena Modrzejewski.  Elena has been dancing since the age of three and has been further developing her expertise under Alycia’s direction for the past ten years.

Highland Dance – Lesley Bond

Lesley Bond is a much loved long time instructor at the GAAC.  We are fortunate to have a local talent like Lesley in our community who has such extensive experience both as a Highland dancer, competitor and instructor.

Guitar – Hunter Teichrib

We have a wonderful new instructor this year – Hunter is the brother of our lovely instructor Ashley! Hunter has been playing the guitar for over 12 years and has completed his grade 8 in classical guitar with the Royal Conservatory of Music. He has been teaching guitar for the past 5 years to all ages. He is newly married and the second oldest of 10 siblings so he is great with kids. He is passionate with helping kids and adults begin, as well as develop, their love of music through the beauty and joy of classical guitar.

Guitar, Bass and Drums – Shane Taite

Shane has been playing music most of his life and has a degree in guitar with the London college of music.  Classes are open to all ages who are interested in music and taking their fascination to the next level.  Whether you’re into rock, blues, country, pop, strumming chords around the campfire, singer songwriting or laying down solos in the studio, he will have a lesson plan for you.

Piano- Ashley Teichrib 

Ashley has been teaching piano to all ages in both practical and theory for eight years.  She is much loved by the children she teaches and enjoys playing the piano regularly with her family and church group.  she has completed her grade 10 theory requirements, will be completing her grade 10 practical exam within a year and will continue to work towards achieving the Associate of the Royal Conservatory (ARCT) teacher’s diploma, which is an internationally respected teaching qualification and the highest academic standing awarded by the Royal Conservatory.

Theatre – Angela Chalmers with Manitoba Theatre for Young People

Theatre means expressing yourself through movement and voice work, making it tremendous opportunity for sporty kids and artsy kids alike.

Fitness – Patsy Duncan

Patsy is an amazing instructor in fitness.  Each class of the week has a benefit to your well being.  Whether you are a beginner or fitness enthusiast you are welcome to join her classes.

Yoga – Heather McDermid

Heather believes that Yoga is for everyone. The style she teaches is gentle to the body with the breath as the centre and focus. Working from a place of breath and awareness, the body opens, the mind becomes peaceful and prana (energy) is activated to allow deep healing for the whole body.

Fitness with Patsy Duncan

Patsy is a much-loved long-time instructor at the GAAC. Her Fun and Fitness classes are set to motivating music that makes it easy and fun to get a serious cardiovascular work-out that will develop your muscular strength, endurance and overall health and well-being. The atmosphere is friendly and non-intimidating and the classes are suitable for beginners and regular exercisers alike; everyone is welcome!


GAAC Supporters

GAAC supporters are key to the success of the centre including the following organizations who we would like to acknowledge for their recent generous and much appreciated contributions.

MB Tourism, Culture, Heritage, Sport and Consumer Protection – Community Arts Councils Operating Support
Community Places Program – Manitoba Housing and Community Development
Manitoba Children and Youth Opportunities and Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Tourism, the School and Community Arts Program
Interlake Community Foundation
Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority – Healthy Together Now
Teulon Rockwood Recreation Commission
RM of Rockwood
Town of Teulon
Another special thank you to Margaret Charison and family for so generously donating an absolutely beautiful piano last year to the Centre. It will be much loved and cherished by the many students who will play it for generations to come!


Much gratitude to all!

More about us coming soon.